Frequently Asked Questions


Which products can be offered through INMO+?

INMO+ can be used with consumer, retail deposit products for checking, savings, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit.

How is an applicant’s identity verified?

INMO+ uses Experian Precise ID® to conduct identity verification and identity theft prediction during the account opening process. Experian Precise ID also includes an OFAC check.

How are applicant risk assessments performed?

INMO+ offers integration to your existing FIS QualiFile® (ChexSystems) origination service to include behavioral risk in decisioning.

If your financial institution doesn’t have an existing FIS/ChexSystems relationship, you can establish that relationship to take advantage of this feature. The relationship itself is not included in the pricing like Experian®, but the integration is at no additional charge.

How is INMO+ used in branch?

INMO+ offers a streamlined system that can be used to open accounts for new and existing applicants through the same application processing system as your online applications.

How is the signature card sent to the applicant for them to sign?

Once an applicant is approved, INMO+ uses integration with DocuSign® to send and deliver any account opening documents that the applicant can sign electronically.

What if I currently use DepositPro to create and deliver my account opening documentation?

DepositPro can be used within INMO+ instead of DocuSign®, however, it does require that your institution have a license for the DepositPro Import tool for MeridianLink® as well as e-sign capabilities.

What funding options are available?

Cash (in branch), ACH, mailing checks, and credit cards. Credit cards are only available through your institution’s established relationship with a vendor who uses either or Payeezy processing gateways.

Are any additional costs associated with processing ACH funding files?

There are no additional costs due to ACH funding files. INMO+ produces an ACH funding file that your institution delivers through your current ACH processing method. Costs resulting from existing ACH vendor relationships will remain the same.

What is the difference between INMO Classic and INMO+?

INMO Classic is an online application. Consumers who visit your website can apply for an account.

INMO+ is an end-to-end, digital onboarding platform. Consumers can apply for accounts from your website — and from any of your branches. Existing account holders can apply from your online banking platform. Then there are the efficiencies for your institution — including core integration, document sharing, automated action emails, applicant messaging, and more.


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